v2.9.2 (2023/11/17)

· Media details: YouTube statistics implemented (videos, subscribers, total views, average views);
· Media details: dashboard widget extended with Youtube monthly views;
· Media details: Similarweb statistics immediately available after adding new media;

· Clipping details: YouTube statistics implemented (views, likes, favorited, comments);
· Clipping form: greenpulse proactively notifies you when matching samples are found;
· Clipping form: option to select multiple samples in the ‚Add sample‘ wizard;

· Sample list: paperclip icon now shows amount of clippings already attached;
· Sample details: ’Sample needs to be returned’ state can now be changed;
· SKU list: SKUs can be archived or permanently deleted from the list view;
· SKU details: basic history of SKU activity added;

· YouTube view statistics added to manual and recurring reports;
· YouTube view statistics added to XLS exports;

· Media wizard: fixed channels that were incorrectly flagged as ‚in process‘;
· Manual reports: ‚Clear‘ button functionality fixed;
· Recurring reports: ‚Clear‘ button functionality fixed;
· Recurring reports: ‚do not send e-mail‘ checkbox fixed;

v2.7.1 (2023/10/19)

· Media details: fixed blank page for some media (Similarweb would return garbage data);
· Clipping queue: channels that can’t be auto-parsed no longer show up as „HWBusters“;
· SKU sheet: entries/page dropdown works again;
· Sample wizard: workflow for shipping labels fully implemented.

v2.7 (2023/10/08)

· Reporting: middle of the month no longer incorrectly shown as ‚100‘;
· Reporting: Excel export working again;
· SKU sheet: now remembers the last view (selected filters);
· Sample page: regions and countries no longer mutually exclusive;
· URL parser: better handling of near-identical URLs;

· Time-limited awards is now dependant on the actual media;
· Changed the text for time-limited awards to better indicate what the checkmark does;

· You can now flag media as deprecated or duplicate to keep the media list clean and up-to-date;
· You can now flag channels as deprecated to keep the media channel list clean and up-to-date;

· SKU options now use the description as product name, if entered (see details below);
· When sampling SKUs, „(Barcode) Product“ is now displayed as „Product (Barcode)“.

v2.6.5 (2023/06/19)

· Tidio support system integrated into greenpulse;

· More options for reporting on sample processes;
· Sample processes can now be exported as XLS as well;
· Feature clippings, news clippings, sample processes can be downloaded individually;
· All reports stay available for 24 hours in the report archive.

v2.6 (2023/03/29)

· Most system components upgraded to latest version;
· More loading indicators added to dashboard;
· Sentiment now remembers News checkbox #bugfix;

· Middle of the month now displays properly in overview #bugfix;

v2.5.3 (2023/03/08)

· Menu icons refreshed;

· Lists no longer jump back to page 1 when opening/editing clippings or news;
· Clipping lists show titles in the primary language (unless not available);
· Feature clippings can be converted to news and vice versa;
· Award logos properly aligned underneath the dropdown box;
· Queue icon now always available after clicking parser icon;
· Auto-filling the headline field can be disabled (client-specific);
· Certain clippings would be saved with incorrect draft/published status #bugfix;
· ‚Reset‘ or ‚Save and create new‘ would not clear the date field #bugfix;
· Removing a tag when editing a clipping would throw an error #bugfix;

· Products and product series without images now show placeholder image in lists;

· Media selection in manual reports was broken #bugfix;

v2.5.2 (2023/02/10)

· FIX:  Product images were broken in many parts of the system;
· „Product type“ taxonomy removed from system as it didn’t add any value;

· FIX: Lists would show media outside assigned country set;
· FIX: Duplicate clipping warning would not clear on form reset;
· Option to attach non-delivered samples to clippings (automatically updating the sample state);
· Sample wizard shows samples that have already been matched with a clipping;
· Sample wizard also shows non-matching samples sent to the same media;
· Feature clippings are displayed in the client language in all lists;
· „Publish“-button added to clipping draft screen for faster approval;

· Closed samples can be matched with additional clippings;
· Sample process details show all matched clippings;

· FIX: Editing a product or product series no longer makes the list jump back to page 1;
· “ Add Product“ wizard now remembers settings until the wizard is closed;
· “ Add Product“ wizard also shows archived products in a product series;
· Product series can now be archived as well if they don’t contain active products;
· Toggle to show active/archived products or product series;

·  Date fields  now have a ‚created’/’published‘ toggle for more flexibility.

v2.5 (2023/01/20)

· Clipping queue implemented systemwide;
· Some icons now have a loading indicator to show the system is processing data;

· FIX: Products lists would incorrectly show archived products;

· Client option to allow sampling without using physical editor addresses;

· Option to not send recurring reports with 0 results;
· XLS exports now contain all relevant fields + new column sort order.

v2.4 (2022/12/22)

· Set user avatar (settings > edit avatar);
· Managers can add/edit/delete products and product series;

· Clipping list is now sorted by creation date instead of publication date;
· Creation date / publication date toggle for better filtering;

· FIX: Wizard would remember previously used media when creating a new contact;
· Auto-select contact if only one contact exists for selected media;
· ‚Mobile‘ is now the default phone type;

· Templates are now client-independent;
· XLS exports contain all the newly introduced fields.

v2.3.5 (2022/11/28)

· ‚Add contact‘ is now available in the Media menu;

· FIX: Only clippings from the currently activated client can be edited;
· FIX: Adding a news clipping no longer gives an error after a reset;
· Redesigned ‚Awards/Rating‘ block to take up less space;

· FIX: Contact addresses are no longer restricted to the user country set;
· Option to select e-mail address if contact has multiple addresses;
· Cleaner display of contact details when adding sample process;
· Replaced several text buttons with graphical buttons;
· SKUs can be archived to keep the overview clean;

· FIX: Recurring reports from other users are no longer visible when deleting a report;
· Recurring reports can now be scheduled for ‚middle of the month‘;
· When not explicitly selecting product/product series, tags are no longer shown in reports.

v2.3.2 (2022/11/14)

SYSTEM: greenpulse region system rewritten to allow custom regions per client;
SYSTEM: Media awards page rewritten, now shows correct awards with download option;
SYSTEM: Login time-out now changed to 48 hours to decrease the amount of logins;
SYSTEM: For multi-client accounts, greenpulse now remembers the last active client;
SYSTEM: Favicon!
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Clippings can only be edited/saved when logged into the correct client account;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Parser gives correct warning again when parsing URL outside assigned country set;
REPORTS: FIX: Product series drop-down boxes were broken;
REPORTS: Selecting products and product series are now mutually exclusive to avoid confusion; 
REPORTS: Drafts now supported in manual and recurring reports and are correctly processed.

v2.3 (2022/10/25)

SYSTEM: greenpulse logo is slightly reworked for better visibility;
SYSTEM: Account system was rewritten;
SYSTEM: Draft notification e-mails (currently set to 7 days);
CLIPPINGS: FIX: „Save and keep settings“ would not properly remember relevant settings;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: „Save and create new“ would not fully reset the clipping form;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Parsing a URL outside the assigned country didn’t display a warning message;
REPORTS: FIX: Award logos were not visible in e-mail reports;
REPORTS: Drafts can now be included in recurring reports.

v2.2.2 (2022/10/01)

SYSTEM: ‚Approved to use award‘ is now a media default, instead of always being enabled;
CLIPPINGS: Allow up to 3 screenshots per clipping;
CLIPPINGS: Added tags for more clipping and reporting flexibility;
SAMPLING: Added ‚only my own processes‘ button;
SAMPLING: Added ‚edit‘ button to edit incorrect contact person details;
REPORTS: Added direct download button to manual report preview;
REPORTS: Added an option to filter results by search terms (comma-separated).

v2.2.1 (2022/09/19)

SYSTEM: Page numbering for all lists throughout the system;
DASHBOARD: ‚Show all drafts‘ buttons added to Open drafts and My open drafts tabs;
CLIPPINGS: Alternative text-based scoring system for clippings without awards (e.g. „85%“, „5/5“, „4.5 stars“);
CLIPPINGS: Awards can now be marked as time-limited (e.g. awards with product names or month/year in the image);
CLIPPINGS: BUGFIX: Clipping type now properly remembered when using ‚Save and keep settings‘;
CLIPPINGS: BUGFIX: Clipping would not save properly when deleting a product from the product selection;
SAMPLING: Selecting „Inform editor of shipment“ sends a system notification with the product and tracking info to the editor;
SAMPLING: Last sample process state can be undone;
SAMPLING: Sample process can be deleted from the list (specific permission levels only);
REPORTS: Deprecated products are now shown in a different color in the product list;
REPORTS: Drafts can now be included in manual clipping reports (recurring reports to follow soon);
REPORTS: Sample quantities are now included in reports.

v2.2 (2022/08/06)

MEDIA WIZARD: FIX: Closing the wizard would cause a bug where the info would be empty on the next run;
REPORTS: Sample activity and manual activity now included in manual reports.

v2.1.8 (2022/08/03)

DASHBOARD: ‚Clippings‘ and ‚News‘ are now called ‚Feature Clippings‘ and ‚News Coverage‘, combined into one ‚Clippings‘ menu item;
DASHBOARD: Reach (estimation) is now also reported for the current month;
CLIPPINGS: Clipping and news lists now show media name as mouseover on media logo;
CLIPPINGS: When adding a duplicate clipping/news item, the warning message now includes a link to the original article;
CLIPPINGS: When matching samples on the ‚Add Clipping‘ page, matched samples are greyed out in the selection list to prevent duplicate matches;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: When editing an existing clipping, awards would not load or could not be added;
SAMPLING: ‚Add contact‘ button after selecting media for a sample process; 
SAMPLING: Sample list can now be filtered by creation date / last update;
SAMPLING: FIX: Adding or pasting phone numbers could crash the system;
SAMPLING: FIX: Adding multiple sample processes would crash from the main menu;
CONTACTS: Contacts can now be deprecated when they are obsolete;
REPORTS: Reach is now calculated differently when there are multiple articles from the same media;
REPORTS: FIX: „Last day of the month“ was sometimes calculated incorrectly as 30th instead of 31st.

v2.1.0 (2022/07/03)

DASHBOARD: Removed awards widget from the dashboard;
CLIPPINGS: Added ‚Save‘ button that goes back to news / clipping list; 
CLIPPINGS: Sampling block is no longer visible when sampling is disabled for a client; 
CLIPPINGS: FIX: When editing a clipping, awards would not properly load;
MEDIA WIZARD: FIX: Errors during a run no longer show up in subsequent runs;
REPORTS: FIX: Empty reports no longer show a blank page, but now report 0 results instead.

v2.0 (2022/06/21)

SYSTEM: greenpulse now supports sampling processes (disabled by default);
SYSTEM: greenpulse now supports contact persons (for sampling purposes);
DASHBOARD: Customer logo displayed on dashboard;
DASHBOARD: FIX: Dashboard was sometimes not loading widgets automatically;
CLIPPINGS: Drafts now have a different list background to better identify them; 
CLIPPINGS: FIX: When editing a clipping and changing the product(s), the system would incorrectly give an error. 

v1.4.4 (2022/01/22)

SYSTEM: Changelog is now shown as pop-up once;
SYSTEM: Fix duplicate notifications (old and new style);
DASHBOARD: Increase dashboard loading speed;
DASHBOARD: ‚Select/Deselect All‘ button when selecting countries (manager level only);
CLIPPINGS: Parser no longer extracts a quote for news/clippings; 
CLIPPINGS: Checkboxes removed from lists as they’re no longer used; 
CLIPPINGS: Better text labels to describe expected user content; 
MEDIA WIZARD: FIX: Sample URL text from previous session was retained by accident;
REPORTS: FIX: Reports now only list the tags defined by the user;
REPORTS: FIX: Sort order now by publication date instead of creation date.

v1.4.2 (2021/12/28)

SYSTEM: greenpulse now supports user / country permissions;
SYSTEM: Brand-new error notification system with pop-ups instead of banners;
DASHBOARD: Widget now shows country-specific statistics (managers can change selection);
DASHBOARD: FIX: Drafts are no longer counted in statistics;
CLIPPINGS: Product drop-downs are now sorted by product series; 
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Clippings can only be saved if primary language is present;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Each translation language can only be used once;
REPORTS: Option to include total reach in reports;
REPORTS: Option to exclude news details in reports;
REPORTS: FIX: Changed display order for news and clippings;
REPORTS: FIX: Reports no longer include empty quotes;
REPORTS: FIX: Linked files (e.g. PDFs) now open correctly.

v1.3.19 (2021/11/20)

CLIPPINGS: FIX: Toggling to file upload after parsing a URL corrupted the clipping;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: DeepL translations would break over line breaks in summaries/quotes;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Product list accidentally showed ’news clipping‘ items;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Automatic headline/quote translation was broken;
REPORTS: FIX: Manual reports would not respect end date value;
REPORTS: FIX: Bigger reports with attached ZIP file would not be generated in time before system time-out.

v1.3.18 (2021/11/15)

CLIPPINGS: Products list now sorted by product series;
CLIPPINGS: Reporting feature moved to its own submenu;
REPORTS: FIX: Some reports would include empty quotes;
REPORTS: FIX: Links to articles with file uploads (eg print) were broken;
REPORTS: Added option to include reach numbers and summarize the news articles.

v1.3.16 (2021/10/28)

CLIPPINGS: List view drop-downs are much faster due to disabling predictive filtering*;
CLIPPINGS: Media in the list view now show country flags;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: English language/translation is now mandatory in order to save a clipping as ‘published’;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: More than one translation of the same language no longer allowed.

v1.3.9 (2021/10/11)

SYSTEM: REST API framework and functionality added;
DASHBOARD: ‚My Latest News‘ / ‚My Latest Clippings‘ / ‚My Open Drafts‘ now sorted by creation date;
CLIPPINGS: URL parser now much better at detecting media with country identifiers;
CLIPPINGS: Translation engine can now deal with special characters;
CLIPPINGS: Online/Print toggle renamed to URL/File for clarity;
CLIPPINGS: File upload box now offers instructions to combine multiple images;
MEDIA LIST: FIX: Media would show award count from all clients, changed to current client only;
MEDIA WIZARD: Button texts adjusted for consistency;
REPORTS: Brand-new menu item to create manual or recurring reports*.

v1.3.7 (2021/09/09)

SYSTEM: Framework for contact database and extensive reporting features added;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Country names are now uniform throughout the entire system;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: greenpulse would crash on URLs longer than 256 characters;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Print toggle now shows print media only and automatically selects correct channel;
REPORTS: FIX: Language filter would not work correctly in exports;
REPORTS: FIX: Clipping type filter would not work correctly in exports;

v1.3 (2021/07/06)

SYSTEM: FIX: „User not migrated“ for old imports replaced by user „Kunden“ with a proper user icon;
CLIPPINGS: NEW: Support for print (PDF) news uploads;
CLIPPINGS: NEW: „Save & keep settings“ button to add multiple clippings about the same topic.

v1.2.4 (2021/06/25)

CLIPPINGS: NEW: Parser now gives an error when the media is not detected (or does not exist);
CLIPPINGS: NEW: Entering print clippings now much more intuitive with online/print toggle;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Reset button would also blank the language dropdowns;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Article date could be set to future date by accident;
CLIPPINGS: FIX: Unable to change media when editing a saved news/clipping;
CLIPPINGS: NEW: Selection box to further specify the clipping type;
CLIPPINGS: NEW: Checkbox for sponsored articles (advertorials);
REPORTS: FIX: Exports wouldn’t properly run when language wasn’t selected, now set to English by default.

v1.2 (2021/04/26)

CLIPPINGS: Support for media channels, like Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube, et cetera.

v1.15 (2021/02/22)

CLIPPINGS: Integrated open drafts notification bubble.

v1.14 (2021/02/03)

SYSTEM: Support for special characters (Cyrillic, Arabic);
SYSTEM: Deduplication of the full media database;
CLIPPINGS: Support for award logos;
CLIPPINGS: Auto-parsing of headlines can be disabled in back-end.

v1.1 (2020/11/30)

SYSTEM: Similarweb statistics integrated into greenpulse.

v1.0 (2020/11/01)

FIRST RELEASE VERSION. Support for clippings and basic reporting features!

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