How to solve greenpulse issues in Chrome by removing cache & cookies:


  • CLIPPINGS: When creating a clipping, adding then removing a product will always throw an error while saving the clipping (even though the clipping is saved correctly and without further issues);
  • CLIPPINGS: „Save and keep settings“ when creating clippings does not properly save the clipping type; clipping type has to be re-selected;
  • MEDIA LIST: On media detail pages, award logos at the bottom currently link to wrong clippings or non-existing clippings;


  • SYSTEM: Allow country regions per client instead of system-wide;
  • PRODUCTS: Allow customers to add or import products / product series;
  • CLIPPINGS: Create a clipping queue system to store draft information when media is not yet present;
  • CLIPPINGS: Allow up to 3 screenshots when adding a clipping (specifically for social media);
  • CLIPPINGS: Allow additional checkboxes (up to 3 client-defined) instead of just one (Sponsored);
  • CLIPPINGS: Allow matching with closed samples (multiple clippings per sample);
  • CLIPPINGS: Allow matching with samples not yet in delivered state (will automatically set state to delivered);
  • AWARDS: Create a checkbox for ’single use‘ awards (that expire after one month);
  • AWARDS: Support „X out of X“ or „XX%“ scores for products;
  • SAMPLE WIZARD: Allow changing (incorrect) editor details;
  • SAMPLE WIZARD: Inform editor by e-mail of shipped sample + shipping details;
  • SAMPLE WIZARD: Automatically set status to ‚delivered‘ based on Aftership API, then notify user of state change;
  • SUGGEST MEDIA: Extend duplicate warning with examples of duplicates found;
  • CONTACTS: Easily add a new contact from the main menu;
  • REPORTING: Change recurring reports to suit the new structure introduced for manual reports;
  • REPORTING: Add Excel, PDF, and awards ZIP download buttons so reports no longer have to be e-mailed;
  • REPORTING: Allow custom templates per client instead of system-wide;
  • REPORTING: Allow search terms to filter headline/summary/quote;
  • REACH: Implement manual reach numbers for print media;
  • REACH: Implement automatic reach numbers for social media;
  • SUPPORT: Create an in-site support feature for bug reports and support requests;
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