What greenpulse does for Kingston 


Clippings and mentions are stored in a centralized database, that gives all teams instant and 24/7 access to every entry.

Easy oversight

Our dashboard offers a birds-eye view of clipping totals, reach, and sentiment, with an option to zoom in to specific countries.

Automated reports

Reports are created and dispatched automatically or can be created on-the-fly, offering numerous ways to track clipping processes.

The challenge

In the past, Kingston would instruct its external PR agencies to collect all article URLs and brand or product mentions in simple, shared online documents. These documents would list relevant products, URLs, and whether or not an award was received. Kingston’s web team in the US would then use these documents to extract information and populate the website with award-winning reviews, while European management would use the data for coverage analysis and to check metrics.

Given the huge amount of tracked clippings and mentions these shared online documents usually became unwieldy, with small mistakes and spelling errors easily made and going unseen. 

As no summaries were written, useful context would be missing from the clippings. Awards would be hot linked, which meant accessibility would not be guaranteed in case of server changes on the media side, and it also meant the web team would have to individually download these awards for website publication.

Kingston realized that they really needed something better; something centralized, something that offers more context, validation and automation, and something that’s easier to use.

The solution

With greenpulse, Kingston management and its web teams no longer need to navigate their way through endless documents to find the information they're looking for. It also eliminates many of the cumbersome manual processes to filter, analyze or publish this information in useful ways. With a few clicks, managers can now export the data they need, filtered by date, product or product group, sentiment, or even clipping type, saving the company a lot of time. And as for their agencies, adding clippings or mentions is now faster, much more straightforward and doesn't leave a lot of room for errors or mistakes, freeing up time that can be spent on doing actual PR work.

Shifting away from shared Excel sheets to track publications and awards to a centralized tool as greenpulse saves a lot of time on the agency side and on our side as well. Greenpulse is easy to use, clippings are added in seconds, and custom PR reports are created with just a few clicks.

Debbie Fowler
EMEA Marketing Manager at Kingston

+49 40 210911620